Endoscopic Foreign Body Removal
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Endoscopic Foreign Body Removal in Hyderabad

If someone consumes an object that cannot go through the digestive tract and gets lodged in the GI tract, then that object is considered a foreign body. Foreign body ingestion is generally seen in children and patients with psychological illnesses. A foreign body in the GI tract can cause systemic toxicity, inflammation of the lining of the GI tract, infection, or bowel obstruction if it stays lodged inside the GI tract.

Endoscopic foreign body removal refers to the removal of the foreign body ingested by the patient using endoscopic techniques. It is a minimally invasive procedure that employs different techniques to grasp and remove the foreign body from the digestive tract.

The endoscope is passed through the mouth into the esophagus and stomach to identify the foreign body and to study how it is lodged in the GI tract.

Once the foreign body lodged in the digestive tract has been identified and studied with the endoscope, the doctor will make use of various devices, which can be passed through the endoscope to grasp and retrieve the foreign body.

What can you Expect From the Endoscopic Foreign Body Removal Procedure?

Endoscopic removal is the most effective and safest option for the management of foreign bodies in the upper GI tract. Because most people undergo this procedure in an emergency situation, no preparation is needed. You may receive a sedative to make you feel relaxed during the procedure. The doctor may either remove the foreign object through the esophagus, or if he decides the object is small and can pass through the GI tract, he may also push It down the esophagus into the stomach.

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